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Better Living with Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a safe and effective way for men to place the testosterone that they naturally produce less of as they age. Men begin to experience symptoms of low testosterone in the early 30's and for some, even in their 20's. Men can experience lower energy levels, decreasing physical strength and they may notice a decreased sex drive and/or stamina. It becomes more difficult to lose fat and gain lean muscle mass. Men often have trouble concentrating, may become depressed and struggle with self esteem. These symptoms can be and usually are the direct result of decreased testosterone levels.

This syndrome is called Andropause (male menopause).

TRT can completely remedy these issues.

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Dr. Mike Tricaso

Testosterone Replacement Therapy, the Foundation for Men's Health

"Testosterone is the male sex-hormone produced by the testicles that is responsible for developing males sexual characteristics. It is the hormone that makes a man feel like a man. Testosterone plays an important role in gaining lean muscle mass and losing fat; maintaining healthy levels of red blood cells and proper bone density. having a healthy sex drive and enjoying a healthy sexual performance requires an adequate testosterone level. Testosterone helps men sleep better at night and gives them energy during the day; it helps with mental clarity, memory and helps them concentrate and focus better. It promotes confidence and motivates men, giving them an overall sense of well-being.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is the Foundation for Men's Health and everything else men do to promote health and wellness will be built on this foundation. Nutrition and exercise obviously plan an important part in Men's Health, but if your testosterone level is low, you will never be able to reach optimal physical, mental and sexual health with them alone. Men require adequate testosterone levels for optimal health.

If you see your Primary Care Physician and tell him/her that you have no energy and can't sleep at night, you have gained weight and you can't lose it and you just can't get motivated to go to the gym, your sex drive sucks and you just feel like shit... If your PCP responds by putting you on an anti-depressant, a sleeping pill and some Viagra, Please come and see me so we can check your testosterone and estrogen levels and I will help you get your life back. I promise. "

-Dr. Mike

My Thoughts: Testosterone Replacement Therapy For Men

#1 TRT is not a 10 week program, it is a replacement therapy and is no different than replacing your thyroid hormone. If you have Hypothyroidism, you should replace your thyroid hormone regularly, making adjustments as needed through-out your life. You would not cycle on and off of it, rather you strive to maintain consistent levels in order to feel well without hormonal peaks and valleys. This is no different than what I do with my clients  with low testosterone levels. Replacing testosterone every once in a while or half of the time does not provide the same benefits as replacing testosterone consistently.

#2 TRT for men is a very personal thing that men should be educated about. Men should get online and learn about their hormones. If you come to my clinic not knowing anything about testosterone, wanting me to spoon feed you everything you need to know about it, it will be like trying to get a sip of water from a fire hose. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself a little bit so our meeting goes better and so I am comfortable that you understand what you are doing to your body. I would think that you would want to understand why you need to replace your testosterone and what it will do for you. Then, you will know why TRT is the foundation of Men's Health.

#3 I personally educate and teach every male client at my clinic how to safely and appropriately give themselves their own testosterone injections. All men should embrace this skill so they will not have to ever rely on anyone else to give them their injection. TRT is a personal thing that men should own. It is not the responsibility of your cousin who is a Nurse, your neighbor who is a Paramedic, or the woman you live with who is your wife to be available for you 2 times per week to give you a shot. You need to own this. It is your responsibility!

#4 I never talk anyone into participating  in any Hormone Replacement Therapy program. If you are at my clinic sitting across from me at my conference table waiting for me to say.. 'Dude, you have to do this stuff... It is so awesome!'... that will never happen. If you are not sure about the program or you have concerns about side affects or the BS you heard some lawyer talk about on TV at 3'o'clock in the morning, I will send you home with homework assignments to educate yourself and ask that you reschedule when you are better informed so I can discuss any legitimate concerns with you. oh, and if you wife has to make you come see me for a consultation you are not ready for TRT. Don't get me wrong, you really need it, really bad, but you need to want to do this for you, not for someone else. Again, this is a personal thing. This is for you, not your wife or girlfriend, however, they will both thank me if you do.

In Summary: I am not being a hard-ass and I am not trying to be funny; Ok, I am doing a little bit of both. But honestly my friend, these are truly the 4 things that will determine if your therapy is a success. Men that seek me out for Testosterone Replacement Therapy after educating themselves about testosterone and how important it is for men's health and that embrace their therapy 100%, doing their own injections twice per week and making follow up appointments for refills way in advance to make sure they never run out... These are the guys that will tell you how their lives have changed... They will tell you how much fat they have lost and muscle they have gained, how much better they are in the gym and the bedroom, how their confidence level and mental clarity has peaked, how much energy they have and how much better they sleep. 100% of my male clients who nailed these 4 things, have had life changing results from TRT that has them committed for life, not to me... to themselves.

Dr. Mike

Other Hormone
Replacement Therapies
For Men and Women

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Therapy
Men and Women

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (GHRP) Therapy

Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) Therapy

These hormone programs facilitate weight loss, lean muscle gains, increased energy, improved sex drive and a general sense of well being.

The Better Living Clinic provides the above hormone replacement therapy programs for both men and women.

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